Pressure Points


“I have a passion for helping people realize the potential that lies within themselves to ignite change and within their physical body to self-regulate, self-heal and achieve balance.”


Kara is a Kinesiologist and Manual Osteopath with over 15 years experience in the wellness and fitness industry. Kara began her wellness journey as a figure skater and continued to follow her passion with a science degree in kinesiology and certifications as a personal trainer and pilates/ yoga/ barre instructor. She then continued her education with a Masters in Kinesiology (psychology of Health Behaviour and Emotion) and a Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Therapy.


Kara has overwhelming experience helping clients take control of their physical wellness through movement therapy, mobilization techniques and postural correction. The body has an incredible ability to self-heal and self-regulate with a little encouragement. Kara helps clients with non-invasive techniques that have huge impacts on pain management, injury and pain prevention, stress management and overall wellness.


Kara specializes in wellness and fitness for women (including pre & postnatal), infants and children. Infants often benefit from osteopathy related to troubles breastfeeding and sleeping, colic, digestive issues, and general discomfort. She has a particular passion for cranial osteopathy that is often beneficial for stress management and concussion treatment. She also offers osteopathy for TMJ therapy. 


Kara provides corporate wellness services and presentations to large organizations in the Montreal and Toronto areas and online.