Pressure Points


Kara is a Kinesiologist and Manual Osteopath with over 15 years experience in the wellness and fitness industry. Kara began her career with a science degree in kinesiology and certifications as a personal trainer and pilates and yoga instructor. She then went on to open très studio barre inc., the first barre studio in Montreal in 2012. After noticing the need for quality barre training for instructors Kara created and developed the trèsbarrePRO method (now: JaleoBarre). Under this method she has trained several barre instructors and has developed techniques and choreography unique to the JaleoBarre method.

Kara has overwhelming experience helping clients take control of their physical wellness through movement therapy and postural correction. The body has an incredible ability to self-heal and self-regulate through the simple correction of postural habits. Kara helps clients make small habitual postural changes that have huge impacts on their pain management, prevention and overall wellness.

Kara specializes in wellness and fitness for women, and more specifically pre and postnatal wellness.Training and treatment during pregnancy has shown to be beneficial for both mom and baby BUT it is important to know what postural and physical changes to consider, movements and modifications to use, how to perform these movements properly and WHY we use certain techniques. It is also vital to understand that the postnatal fitness and wellness experience is unique and requires special considerations and modifications that are different from the prenatal and regular experience.

With a Masters in Kinesiology (psychology of Health Behaviour and Emotion) and a passion for motivational speaking, Kara also offers corporate wellness services to large organizations in the Montreal and Toronto areas. 

Kara’s passion for fitness keeps her active as a teacher as she continues to offer barre, pilates, yoga and sculpt classes in Toronto and virtually online at